“To build great companies, innovation is fundamental and values really matter”

– Padma Shri Romesh Wadhwani

Our Story

The Wadhwani Catalyst is a continuum of Dr. Romesh Wadhwani’s vision of accelerating economic development in emerging economies and improving the quality of lives by driving large-scale job creation through entrepreneurship, innovation, and skills development. To create a seamless linkage with the on-going efforts and for augmented impact, the Catalyst Fund is focused on funding global companies/organizations/programmes which are creating large-scale jobs. The fund also seeks to support companies driving healthcare innovation that leads to long term improvement in the healthcare ecosystem.

Our Mission

To create a premier emerging market-focused impact fund, catalysing growth, driving health care innovation and scaling job creation by providing catalytic capital along with Wadhwani thought leadership, project management, technology/content and other resources to:

One - Home
Qualified non-profits that are led by strong leaders with a clear vision and execution capability that are engaged in the transformation of public infrastructure and job creation to scale up their outcomes of jobs by 5-10x
two 1 300x300 - Home
For-profit companies with a business model in which revenue growth drives health care innovation and exponential job growth, and who can leverage our investment with 5x to 10x investment from others

Our Vision

Impact lives in emerging markets by empowering them with high-value jobs and healthcare access to enhance their quality of life

Our Investment Philosophy

Focus on large scale job creation and health care innovation

Focus on emerging markets –
India, SE Asia, LatAm & Africa

Provide catalytic capital with long term horizon

Fund organizations / NGOs which are creating system level change

Fund high quality businesses across various sectors which are leveraging technology to improve outcomes

Back scalable businesses with sustainable models

Back high quality and experienced management

Collaborative Approach

Our Ecosystem

Our investees can leverage the Wadhwani ecosystem to accelerate their growth – Wadhwani thought leadership, technological interventions,  advanced AI platforms, ability to influence system-level change as well as growth & sustainability support through strategy and operational interventions.

If you are an early-stage company creating large scale livelihood impact/skilling in sectors like Gig economy, Agri tech, Social Commerce, Rural KPOs and tech-based livelihood skilling, and you are looking to raise impact funds, email us.